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The Mythologies of Motherhood

We all saw the pictures of Princess Kate last week, looking incredible only several hours after giving birth to her second child. And I think most mothers were in awe, [...]

The Victim and the Critic

Before we can move forward in any area of our lives, we need to go inside so we can excavate all the obstacles that are holding us back. All the [...]

Do You Choose Destiny or Disappointment?

Whatever we believe about the universe and its design, we can all agree that there are unforeseen events that determine the course of our lives. The person you met unexpectedly [...]

6 Ways to Maximise Your Happiness

The happiness set-point is a theory of happiness based on the idea that we all have a baseline level of happiness that cannot change. The theory says, for example, that [...]

I Want to Hear About Your Coincidences!

Have you ever felt like you were being stared at or watched from a distance, even when you couldn’t see the person looking at you? Have you ever known who [...]

The Role of Crying in a Happy Life

Whenever I am in the presence of someone crying, or if I am crying in front of someone else, there is always an apology. 'I'm sorry,' we say as we [...]

5 Steps Towards Conscious Living

The philosophy of conscious living is to focus your attention on your inner life, and then your outer life will take care of itself. Here are the 5 steps towards [...]


On the surface, a frenemy acts like they are our friend: we regularly socialise with them, we talk to them often, and we know their life story. They may even [...]

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