What is Your Vibrational Reality?

I will conclude the 7 deadly sins series in the next post, but today I feel compelled to write about vibrational reality.

Your vibrational reality is the way that you feel about, perceive, and react to your day-to-day experience. Your surface reality is where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with. Vibrational reality is the underlying sense and instinct that you bring to your experience.

On the surface, you may appear to be having fun, relaxing, celebrating or enjoying life, but your vibrational reality is the actual feeling that you are bringing to your experience. You may have a ‘dream job’ on the surface, but feel drained and negative in the office. You may have a ‘great relationship’ on the surface, but lack passion and excitement for your partner.

People on a high vibration could be anywhere, with anyone, doing anything, and feel good regardless (think the Dalai Lama). Nelson Mandela practiced the power of vibrational reality when he was imprisoned for 27 years. His vibration rose above his surface reality to the point where he could inspire others, and he was eventually released. 

I believe that all of us are fluent in vibrational language- this means that we are all finely tuned to pick up the vibrations of others. We read body language, tone, facial expressions, & gestures as clearly as we can see or hear a person speaking. We learnt this skill as children, when we became tuned into the best way to get the love of our parents. We picked up when our behaviour led to a high vibration or a low vibration. We learnt what activities created genuine happiness in the family, and what activities created genuine stress or despair. Our personalities are based on our unique responses to these vibrations. 

We know a vibrational match when we feel one- the house we are supposed to live in, the person we are supposed to get to know better, the work we feel called to do. A vibrational match feels easy, natural, authentic, free, and ‘like home.’ It doesn’t cost you any negative energy to sustain it. This doesn’t mean that it always feels amazing, just that it always feels natural and authentic for you. If something doesn’t feel like a vibrational match, then wait until you can line up with it. If you never feel aligned with it, then don’t do it.


Your vibrational reality will determine the course of your life. You can only have experiences or relationships that you are a vibrational match to. You will attract other people and events that are on your vibration. 

We all need to line up our surface reality with our vibrational reality. Any relationships, jobs or experiences that are out of vibrational alignment will feel difficult and challenging, and will eventually end regardless of how hard you try to hold onto them.

So the ultimate question is: does your work/relationship/life feel natural, authentic and free-flowing? If not, there is a vibrational mis-match. Trust your vibration over surface appearances. It knows better.

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