Using Jealousy as a Guide to Your Ideal Life


I am working through envy at the moment, because I feel like I am being bombarded on facebook and instagram with amazing pictures and stories of summer holidays in the South of France, Spain, Italy, Greece & the Maldives. Where I am, the weather is growing colder by the day.

Everybody has felt envy and jealousy at some point in their life. It’s an acute longing for someone else’s life/career/partner/personality/body/possessions/opportunities. For some reason, we irrationally believe that the object of our jealousy is free from any struggle. We create an entire story around our jealousy, i.e. in my case, not only is someone on a beautiful holiday, but in my imagination they have no stress or cares in the world! Built into our experience of envy is an idea that a particular person has a life free from challenges.
Jealousy is a combination of 2 fears:
1.     We want what someone else has, because we believe that it is unavailable to us; and
2.     We want what someone else has, because we believe that there is a limited amount of whatever it is.
Instead of berating yourself for feeling jealous, or becoming obsessed with the object of your jealousy, see envy as a sign that you are projecting a part of yourself onto someone else. You are jealous of someone because they are acting out a part of your highest potential. You can see yourself as you are meant be, acted out in this particular person. In fact, the easiest way to discover what you are truly passionate about is to make a list of who evokes envy in you. I encourage you to seek out opportunities for feeling envy, because these become signposts on your way to your ideal life. Envy becomes inspiration.
Healing envy is easy. It’s a matter of getting in touch with your highest potential. Next time you feel jealous of someone, mentally thank them for giving you a glimpse of your ideal life. Thank them for showing you what you are capable of. Thank them for inspiring you and nudging you in the direction of where you want to be.
Healing envy is also about a belief in an abundance of opportunity: there is enough joy for everyone. There is enough love for everyone. There is enough passion for everyone. There is enough creativity for everyone.
So what have I done about my experience of envy? My husband and I spoke to some friends yesterday and we are booking a family holiday to Bali in September. I’ve never been to Bali, and I’m really looking forward to it. So here is my jealousy transformed. The people on their holidays now don’t bother me anymore, because I have my own holiday to focus on.
Affirmations for envy: I am deeply grateful to others for inspiring me. I am constantly inspired to reach my highest potential. There is enough joy to go around.

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