Transforming Apathy into Motivation

Most of us think of sloth as laziness or an unwillingness to work, but there is actually a much deeper meaning to this ‘sin.’ The emotions that lead to sloth are apathy and entitlement. So this means that the real ‘shadow’ is not the laziness itself, but the apathy that leads to laziness. It indicates that you are not willing to participate in life or walk the path to your highest potential. Sloth can also mean turning your back on your gifts. Examples of slothful behaviour include a refusal or reluctance to work, spending a lot of time in bed or on the couch, or regularly being inactive.

Individuals who have sloth in their shadow are generally very accepting of vulnerability in others. They know what it is to tend to their wounds, or the wounds of someone else. They don’t judge fear in others. Also, once these people get started, they are often extremely hard-working and highly motivated. Remember, it’s not an innate laziness that is stopping them from engaging with life- it is a fear underneath.

No one is just ‘lazy.’ People who can be slothful are often terrified of their talents. For some reason, they associate work and accessing their gifts with a lack of love. Perhaps a parent, teacher or loved one in their past was critical or threatened when they let their light shine, or perhaps they had a negative experience that led them to believe that it was safer to hide than participate.

To transform laziness, ask yourself: what am I afraid will happen if I engage with this experience? When have I felt humiliation? When have I felt exposed or vulnerable? When did I learn to hide?

Affirmations for apathy: I love life. I allow my gifts and talents to shine. I am safe and lovable when I participate in all aspects of life.

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