The Cord: Experimenting with Deep Trust & Joy

Imagine that you have an electrical cord attached to your stomach. It is looking for a powerpoint; looking for a place to find connection; looking for a ‘home.’ The cord needs meaningful work, enriching relationships, and a nurturing place to live. These connections can’t be manufactured or faked. Your cord needs to perfectly match the socket- it either fits or it doesn’t. When the cord fits the socket, this is co-creation: two ends meeting perfectly in the middle. 

Most of us anxiously run around with our electrical cords, looking for matches. We try to fit our cord into a variety of powerpoints, despairing when we can’t find a match, convinced that we are the ones who will be left without connection, without love, and without power. Worried that we are lacking in power, we attach ourselves to institutions that appear to be powerful, like banks or firms or companies or governments. That way, we can line up with their power source. This is how we approach a world based on competition and hard work. We are told to push through and that our place in the world will come from struggle. 

There is another way that I am experimenting with at the moment. That other way is based on trust and surrender. When I trust, I realise that I don’t need to run around frantically and desperately looking for potential powerpoints. When I surrender my need to control, my connections flow naturally to me in the normal course of my life. In the moments that I am able to achieve this state of surrender, it feels amazing. I feel that I can deeply relax for the first time, because I intuitively understand that my path is laid out for me and the right people, work and events will just show up on cue. When I deeply trust, all I need to do is follow my joy…follow my bliss. I do whatever I need to do in each moment that will bring me closer to joy. Ironically, following my own joy is is a difficult habit to learn. How many of us know how to live according to joy?

When I reach this place of deep surrender, a curious thing starts to happen. My cord that was always directed out towards the world slowly starts to curl around towards me. The cord then reaches in to find its perfect match- inside me. All along, I was searching for the next, the better, the higher, the way out. All along, the feelings I was searching for were waiting for me. Waiting for me to stop the search. To realise that self-love cannot be discovered out in the world. Self-love is a lifelong devotion to the way things are.

The world merely responds to our vibrations. If we are desperately searching, the world offers us more places to desperately search. If we are frantic, the world offers us more chaos. If we are in and out of love, the world offers us more love to be in and out of. If we trust and surrender, the world will meet us halfway. Try it today- invite trust into your experience, and see what happens. 

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