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My Talks

The topic: human connection and leadership

In my talks, we explore:

– Why some teams are high-performing and others can’t get it together

– How to read the patterns in your relationship, team, family or organisational culture

– What successful leaders do differently

During my workshops, you have the option of each participant completing my personality assessments and receiving their connection and motivation profiles. We use this information to plot the participants on the model. It gives us great insights into the way each group functions.

Consulting & Speaking Enquiries

My TEDx Talk

The topic: How to read & lead the room


“Dr Ali Walker hit the mark brilliantly. She presented with passion, authenticity and commitment. She had absolute ownership of her information and shared this in a most engaging and formative manner. Every attendee walked away with greater insight.  It was a huge success and so very well received.”

Emma Hobson, Education Manager, Dermalogica: Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Ali is such a brilliant speaker. I became a big fan of hers in less than 30 mins. Thank you, Australia Post, for bringing in such an inspirational public speaker to our team day. Learned a lot. Very inspiring.

Jian Guo, Tech Lead at Australia Post

“With social connection now recognised as the leading contributor to wellbeing on the planet, Dr Ali Walker provides the knowledge and the tool kit for us all to access our best selves & enjoy the relationships in our lives. Teaming up with Ali in mentoring workers with physical and psychological injuries we have witnessed profound changes in awareness and behaviours with so many people that had isolated themselves. Increasing established bonds, reigniting old friendships and creating new connections are all wonderful outcomes of the methods Ali shares.
The key to this is, Ali has made what many make complex into a commonsense and simple process that everyone gets. An exuberant presentation style has those attending not only learning but highly engaged through Ali’s enthusiasm and having fun. A lesson we all need to embrace for a better life.”

Matt Elliott, Founder, The Change Room



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