Plan B & Perfection

When you try to be perfect all the time, you need lots of Plan Bs. Escape clauses. Loopholes. Excuses. 

What if it doesn’t work out? What if I am exposed for the fundamentally imperfect creature that I am? What if they aren’t perfect? Always drive, so you can leave. Always have one foot out the door. Never leave anything alone lest it discover its imperfection. Don’t commit. Never just be good enough. Keep working, talking, picking, trying and striving until it. is. perfect. Just right.

How does our world deal with perfection? We worship it. We worship it through magazine shoots. Photoshopped cover girls. Movie edits. Houses. Suits. PR spin. The autocue. Legal letters in plain English. Cosmetic surgery. Exam marks. Make-up. Smartphones. Divorces. 

I give up. I’m going for good enough. 

Good enough is honest and authentic. Good enough gives us space to honour what is truly honourable about each another: our humanity, our essence, that ethereal quality all of us have when we set aside our quest for perfection. Good enough allows me to get on with my life so that I can focus on yours. Good enough allows me to laugh in the imperfect moments. 

So I’m casting aside my Plan Bs and going all in. All in for good enough.

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