Is Your Mind Trained or Untrained? How to Rise Above Your Story

We all have constant stories that occupy our minds, like ‘my boyfriend is lying to me,’ or ‘I’m looking for my perfect house,’ or ‘I need to lose weight,’ or ‘I’m sick,’ or ‘I want my business to perform better,’ or ‘I’m so stressed,’ or ‘I want more money.’ All of these stories are distractions that keep us stuck in the world and detach us from our soul; from our deepest reality; from the moment. It is as if we are drops of water in the ocean that become panicked and anxious with the rise and fall of every wave. The untrained mind can spend an entire life moving from one story to the next- the drama stays the same, and the narrative shifts with shifting circumstances. 

To the trained mind, our brains are like radios, and we are constantly tuning into different stations or frequencies. Each station represents a different thought process: one station might be negative, paranoid or full of self-doubt. Another station might be hopeful and optimistic. Yet another might be aligned with our highest vision. The stations that we habitually tune into are well-worn neural paths in our brains- tuning into these thoughts are as easy as slipping into an old, comfortable pair of jeans. 

The essence of awareness training is to realise that we are separate from the thoughts we think. We are not our thoughts. We are observers that can choose whether to engage in the thoughts. These observers can be called the soul, the spirit, or our consciousness. Eckhart Tolle has written a brilliant book on this process called The Power of Now.

The key is to become aware of our thoughts, and all of their patterns, habits and manipulations. We need to choose the thoughts that make us feel good, which are usually aligned with our highest vision for our life. It takes discipline and training to commit to thoughts aligned with our highest vision, but it is possible to rise above the stories and circumstances of our lives. ‘Reality’ is simply what we choose to observe and give our attention to. There is no ‘real world.’ There is only the frequency of our thoughts and other people responding to those frequencies. For example, if we believe that what we want is impossible, then the world will give us this feedback. If we believe that we are lovable and beautiful, we will attract people who agree with us. If we believe that earning a lot of money is greedy or unethical, we will attract earning opportunities that are average or below average. The world always agrees with what we believe. There is no prior or original reality in the world that we need to contend with. There is only our thoughts and our beliefs, and the feedback we get agreeing with and validating those thoughts and beliefs. 

The next stage after awareness training is conscious evolution. If we can choose our thoughts, we can also choose how we want our lives to unfold. This is where the work of consciousness gets exciting. 

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