Inspired Society Interviews: Dr. Ross Walker

What lights you up? I’ve always been fascinated by the reasons and drivers behind our behaviour. What drives some people to study for ten years, others to become CEOs, and others to want a simple life in the country? Why do some people have a strong desire for a big family, while others seek the single professional life? What inspires people to change course in their lives, or to fulfil a lifelong dream? 

This week I am excited to announce the launch of the Inspired Society Interview Series, where I interview people who inspire me. This gives me a chance to ask different people about their inspirations. And they are often surprising.

My first interview is with my hero, who also happens to be my father, Dr. Ross Walker. In this interview, we talk about his inspiration to become a doctor, his desire to spread the message of preventative health & his tips for happiness. 

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