I Was Born to Do This: The Importance of Resonance

I was born to do this. This truly brings me joy. These are the thoughts all of us are hopefully having when we go about our day, whether we are bathing our children, interacting with people at the supermarket, talking to clients, having coffee with a friend, making policy decisions, or creating a meal. The ‘I was born to do this’ feeling is also known as resonance. Resonance is richness or significance that evokes strong emotion. When we resonate with something, we can feel our heart beating faster, and shivers up our spine. It is a sense of personal mastery that is vital in any job. It’s what turns an occupation into a vocation.

In order to discover our unique contribution to the world, all we are born with is an intuitive toolbox. Your intuition gives you hunches and nudges about whether something is in alignment with your path or not. This applies to jobs, relationships, houses, cities, and countries. If you are on your resonance path, things feel easy and ‘meant to be.’ You connect with the right people, you experience more coincidences and time seems to fly.

I heard a story recently about a cleaner who deeply resonated with her work. My friend was talking to her cleaner while she was working at her house. My friend asked, ‘Have you always done this work?’ The cleaner replied, ‘Yes. I get a lot of satisfaction from it. I see myself as healing the houses of the people I work for. I go in and bring a new energy to the house.’ This really highlights the phrase, ‘It’s not what you do, it’s the attitude you bring to what you do.’

Of course it is unrealistic to feel resonance with your work every moment of everyday. Some days you won’t feel resonance with your work at all. But it is important to feel intuitively connected to your day-to-day contribution to the world. Resonating with your work is feeling a sense of personal mastery.
In my consulting work, I talk to companies about what they can do to bring a sense of personal mastery into the workplace. If people resonate with their work, they will be more innovative, more productive and more enthusiastic. They will also bring a positive vibe to the office.

Encouraging resonance is as simple as talking to your employees about what they want out of work and life. It is about integrating the personal and the professional by encouraging employees to bring their personal life goals into their work. Do they have a lifelong dream to live overseas, sponsor a child or run a marathon? Talking to your co-workers about their goals and intentions is always the first step. Employees need to feel that they are valued as a whole person, not just a machine with inputs and outputs. 

Think about it today- what brings you resonance, and what brings you true joy?

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