How to Transform Anger & Greed


Wrath is defined as rage or forceful anger. It is the feeling of exploding and being out of control. Anger is often the result of feeling overwhelmed with responsibility that may or may not belong to you. People with a propensity to rage often take on burdens that others ignore or deflect. They often feel responsible for family, friends, the workplace, and occasionally the world!

Individuals who have anger and rage in their shadow are most likely attracted to positions of leadership because the flipside of anger is motivation and determination. Anger is just blocked power.

To transform anger, ask yourself: what responsibility did I take on in my childhood that wasn’t mine? Did I take on emotional or physical responsibilities for my parents or siblings? What extra responsibilities am I taking on now that don’t belong to me? 

Imagine these responsibilities being lifted out of you. Breathe them out of your system. Focus on the things that bring you joy.

Affirmations for anger: I release all responsibility that is not mine. I accept that I am not in control, and that every person is on their own perfect path. 


Greed is the feeling of constantly wanting more than you have, and even more than others have. It can become competitive and destructive, because the focus is on having ‘more’ rather than on meeting your needs and being content.

People who have greed in their shadow are also most likely to attract abundance. These individuals know how to draw wealth and prosperity to them, and in their highest potential, such people are extremely generous and share this wealth with others. Being able to attract abundance and prosperity is a gift. When this flow of abundance is blocked, it turns into greed. 

Greed is often the result of a fear of scarcity. Individuals with greed in their shadow may have had experiences of not having enough, or of not being enough, and they use money to ‘prove’ their value and worth.

To transform greed, ask yourself: when did I experience a lack of self-worth? When was I not enough? Do I measure my value in my possessions and income?

Affirmations for greed: My essence is valuable and abundant. I share my gifts with others. 

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