How Addictions are Ideas Waiting to be Born


Lust is an overwhelming feeling of wanting, desire or craving. Lust can be a craving for sex, money, power, knowledge, food, alcohol, drugs or [insert addiction here]. It is the overpowering feeling that your immediate needs can only be met by someone or something outside of your body.

Lust is the dark side of passion. Passion is different from lust because it is a natural feeling that is experienced from a pleasurable experience. For example, lust is the feeling of needing sex in order to feel good, whereas passion is the natural feeling of pleasure that comes from having sex. Lust also usually involves an element of the forbidden, so the lustful craving is generally for someone or something that is destructive to your highest good.

People who have lust and addiction in their shadow are often extremely creative, powerful and persuasive. They can be electric. They can be charismatic. They can be the greatest teachers of channelling power, of turning dreams into reality, and of achieving the seemingly impossible. People who have addictive personalities are often visionaries.
Addicts often find it easy to wield power over others, so it is interesting that they give so much power to a craving outside of them. Think of the many powerful people who have been undermined by their lust for forbidden sex, money or drugs: politicians, musicians, actors, executives, geniuses. They are powerful in front of the crowd but they lack power within. Or perhaps they are powerful in front of the crowd because they lack power within.
In the experience of addictive craving, we all need to realise that the power, fulfilment, release or excitement we seek outside is actually within. The intense feeling of desire is a vision that is trying to be born in you. You are a natural creator, with the potential for brilliance and innovation. Next time you are overcome with intense craving or wanting for something you know is destructive to the soul, pick up a pen, a paintbrush, a laptop- whatever it takes you to birth the idea. Ask the desire what it wants to create. Be present and silent to hear the answer. Powerful ideas are trying to come through you. Don’t block them with an addiction.

People who are slaves to intense craving or wanting are actually terrified of their highest potential. They know that if they listen to their visions, their life will need to change. They may be out of control. Interestingly, addictions often keep us small; they keep us locked in a cycle of disempowerment that is familiar and safe. Addictions quiet the voices of vision that are trying to tell the executive to open his or her own business, or the doctor to become a poet. 

People who are scared of their own visions are convinced that true power exists out in the world, in money, prestige, and status. This kind of power is an illusion. True power comes from inner presence. True power is following your intuitive voice. True power is the realisation that we are all vessels of energy, and that energy flows through us. The most powerful people are the ones with energetic paths that are clear, pure and uncluttered. Energetic debris comes from ego material, which is the belief that we are characterised by our income, our possessions, our achievements, our networks, and our power over others.
Transforming lust comes from the awareness that our cravings and desires are ideas that are desperate to be born. When these creations are blocked over and over again, they turn into addictions (I define addictions as patterns of behaviour that block our innate power). 
Affirmations for lust: I allow power to flow through my life. Power comes from source. I am powerful when I live from spirit.

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