Honouring the Inner Child

“What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Herein lies the key to your earthly pursuits.” –Carl Jung

To understand the essence of conscious living, all we need to do is remember ourselves as young children. As a toddler we embodied our spirit in action. We were in the moment, we knew ourselves, we followed our instincts and we experienced unbridled joy. We were inspired all the time.

What do your loved ones say about you as a young child? Were you always laughing? Were you thoughtful? Were you loving? Were you strong-willed? Were you inquisitive? This is an insight into your spirit, and the way that you need to practice conscious living.

I have an 18 month-old son and I am constantly amazed at how he lives in the moment. If he is playing with lego, he is fully there. If he is eating, he is loving the food. If he is dancing, he is completely into the music. 

A lot of inner work is about healing our inner child, when in actual fact, I believe that our inner child is the most healed aspect of us. The child is healed; but the childhood needs healing. We need to separate the two concepts. The spirited child in us is healed and whole, excited and ready for action. The childhood we had often inflicted the wounds that were carried through into our adolescence. Our childhood and adolescence set the stage for our inner work in this lifetime. 

So how do we honour our inner child? The answer is to connect with our young child in creative ways as much as possible. This feeling of joy, calm and creativity is the gateway to our consciousness. LeGuin said, ‘The creative adult is the child who survived.’ So let’s get creative! Here are some exercises that I have used to get in touch with my inner child…

1. Non-dominant hand writing exercise: get out some paper and a pen. Using your dominant hand, ask questions of your inner child. With your non-dominant hand, answer the questions. As you are writing in your non-dominant hand, your writing will look like it did when you were a child. You are talking to a child, so ask direct and simple questions. Here are some examples: 

– What is your name?

– How old are you?

– What do you like to do?

– Do you know I love you?

As you start the questions and answers, you will be surprised at how easy it is to connect with your inner child, and how defined your childlike nature is. It may also bring up some emotions that you haven’t experienced in awhile, so be prepared for anything!

2. Drawing exercise: use any colourful drawing tools you have- crayons, textas, pencils etc. I have all of these because I have a child of my own. If you do not have these things, use hi-lighters or different coloured pens. Draw a symbol of your inner child. Allow anything to come through. Don’t judge the process. Don’t judge whether the drawing looks good. Just let your inner child express his or herself.

3. Child Dialogue: As the child is the most healed part of us, choose a current issue in your life and ask your child for guidance. Use the non-dominant hand to write or draw the answer. Ask, where do I feel this in my body?

These exercises open the gateway to communicating with our inner child. If you are connected to your inner child, you will feel a sense of joy and anticipation for each new day. If this is lacking in your life, the exercises above may be useful. Enjoy! x

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