Flowing & Grounded

Today’s blog is a combination of 2 things that have been on my mind this week:

1. Having a go-to method for staying in flow, and 

2. The importance of staying grounded in the midst of new territory… Enjoy x


Our bodies and minds are systems. They have inputs and outputs. The most efficient systems allow the energy to flow with no blocks or resistance. Any fears, complexes, destructive habits or addictions act as blockages in the system. When blockages become dense enough, they cause fundamental problems and can compromise the entire system. What started as a small habit to get us through the day can ultimately be our undoing. 

We can all keep our systems flowing with a regular healing method. I have put together a list of the best healing methods for particular blockages. Each of us has the capacity for each of these blockages, so we need to develop a regular practice that honours our spirit.


If you are constantly over-thinking and worrying about the future, try to stay aware of your breath and stretch your body as much as possible. At least once a week, get into the body and the breath with a yoga, pilates, dance, or tai chi class.

If you constantly feel overwhelmed and emotional, honour your body through regular movement and exercise. Dialogue with your body- ask it what it wants. Speak to a counsellor or healer about the heavy emotions you are carrying.

If you put too much pressure on yourself, you need regular pampering: a massage, physio, facial or a bath. You can also enlist the help of a coach or mentor, who can be an objective sounding board and help you work towards your goals.


If you often ‘check out’ and don’t stay present, you need to focus by reading a book, or having more meaningful conversations about the things that switch you on. Join a team or group in something you love: sport, music, creativity etc. This will keep you focused and attuned.


At many stages in our lives, all of us enter new worlds. New schools, new relationships, new universities, new jobs, new cities and new countries are all part of the uncharted territory that we discover on our path. When we enter a new world it is very easy to give away our power. We go back into the panicky inner child and start thinking:

1. I must learn a whole new set of ideas, skills and approaches; 

2. I must push myself to excel in this new environment; and 

3. I must adopt the values of this new place so that people will like me.

When we have these thoughts, we often put ourselves down & berate ourselves for being ill-equipped, weak or weird. All of these thoughts stem from a feeling of being NOT ENOUGH. 

Any thought that begins with ‘I should’ or ‘I must’ can be transformed into ‘I could’ or ‘I can.’ Instead of pressuring yourself to become something new in an unfamiliar environment, stay in your power. When you step out of your power, you block your intuition and creativity, which are the 2 biggest elements of who you are. 

Do whatever it takes for you to feel comfortable and natural. Follow your flow. Many people say, ‘I don’t know what it feels like to be in my power.’ Yes you do. It feels natural. It feels comfortable. You feel like you can say anything and still be loved and accepted. You feel like you can genuinely laugh. You have genuine conversations (soul talk). That’s the thing about flow and power and soul. It is exactly what we already are without needing to improve. And that is the most confronting thing to realise: that we have already arrived. The journey is within. There is only now, and whether we are allowing flow, or resisting flow. 

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