Do You Choose Destiny or Disappointment?

Whatever we believe about the universe and its design, we can all agree that there are unforeseen events that determine the course of our lives. The person you met unexpectedly because you were running late, the job that just never worked out and the one that did, the house that you sold before the market really pumped… All of us live with the twists and turns of our lives.

And we have a choice when faced with these twists and turns. We can choose to be disappointed, or we can choose to embrace our destiny. 

The definition of appointment is: an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place, or an act of assigning a job or position to someone. And the prefix –dis means apart, asunder, away, or having a negative force. So disappointment literally means the reversal or coming apart of an arrangement. 

You had a plan of how something was going to work out, and your plan came apart. Your perfect, beautiful plan fell to pieces.

We have all been there. All of us become intimate with unmet expectations at some stage in our lives.

And we all have a choice. We all have two doors that we can open in response: destiny or disappointment. If we open the door of disappointment, we pursue the path of self-sabotage and sadness. We wallow in self-pity and feel victimised by life. We become bitter at the good fortune of others compared to the circumstances of our own lives. We seek out ways to numb our dis-appointment: food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, complaining, negative self-talk and self-loathing. We sabotage new opportunities because we don’t feel that we deserve them. Our relationships suffer because we treat them like we treat ourselves. We feel like we have lost at life, and then life becomes a reflection of that belief: it starts to resemble a downward spiral. We start to identify with our disappointment, and we lose faith.


If we open the door of destiny, we understand that life has a plan for us and we surrender to it. We lay down in the yoga child’s pose and worship our life. The plan for our life becomes sacred. We adopt the belief that this would not have happened unless it was meant to happen, and this is a fundamental part of my learning. 

It was meant to be, and all is well.

We yield to the plan and open our heart to the plans of others. We realise that we are all fundamentally connected and no one is left behind unless they choose to stay stuck. We see life as a treasure hunt and work with the universe to discover the signs and symbols meant just for us. Sometimes we only have the strength to grab the next branch so we don’t fall. Other times we have the presence of mind to calmly make our next move. When we choose the door of destiny, things just seem to work out.

In the unfolding of your life, which door are you going to open?

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