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Ali Walker PhD

As one of 5 children, my interest in group dynamics started early around a very lively dinner table. I started my career as a criminal lawyer with the NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and changed course to research human behaviour and group dynamics. I was awarded a PhD from the Australian National University in 2013. Since then I have designed personality assessments to identify how we connect with others (in relationships, teams and as leaders) and our motivational drivers (intrinsic and extrinsic motivators). My company is called Ality Life.

I am now described as a human connection scientist exploring leadership, connection and culture.

I wrote my first book Get Conscious: How to Stop Overthinking & Come Alive. while my first son was asleep as a baby in the next room. It started as a journal (the book I wanted to write instead of my PhD). I released my second book, Collective Consciousness & Gender, in August 2018.

I am a lecturer and researcher at the Centre for Social Impact in the Business School at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. My work focuses on the question: How do we ignite human potential & flourishing? The answers include: human connection, consciousness, self-awareness, mindfulness, empathy, positive cultures and social connectedness.

I am a regular contributor to the media including The House of Wellness TV program on Channel 7 Australia and a variety of radio programs including 2GB 873am and ABC Radio National. I have had two weekly radio segments, 2GB 873am on Saturday mornings; and ‘Conscious Living’ on Radio 2UE Talking Lifestyle 954am.

I am a keynote speaker for companies and organisations about leadership and connection.

In addition to my PhD, I have a Masters degree in International Law & International Relations and two undergraduate degrees in Law (with Merit) and Arts (Politics & International Relations) from the University of NSW. I also have a Graduate Diploma in Integral Coaching.

About Dr Ali Walker

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I speak for a wide range of groups and organisations, and I design culture frameworks for companies.

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This album of guided meditations accompanies the book, Get Conscious. There are seven tracks that take listeners on a relaxing journey of exploration through self-love, inspiration, power and universal flow.

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My Mission

I want to know what lights us up. I want to know what heals us, what inspires us to reach our highest potential, and what transforms us from living on autopilot to living consciously. I am lit up by human connection.

I love finding evidence that we are all connected: shared space, shared values, shared histories, and shared experience. I am driven by the human capacity for empathy: I believe that our lives are punctuated by the moments when our hearts swell. I explore ‘the whole person’ in society: at home, at work and in communities. I believe that connected cultures will lead to the bigger changes we seek.

I love communicating and connecting in all forms: writing, researching, teaching, radio, TV and social media. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a sunlight type! Connect with me on facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest. I write and meditate everyday to keep my mind clear. I am lit up by swimming in the ocean, singing, yoga, soulful conversations and being with my family, friends, my husband and two sons.

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