A Poem for Lilith

You’re inspired. 

To write, to create, to fly, to have adventures & desires, to have mind-blowing ecstasy, to go beyond, to understand, to push.

To be an artist, to have a garden, to celebrate mystery, to give birth, to wear beautiful things, to be surrounded by beauty, to be happy.

To love whole-heartedly and fiercely. To trust that love is bigger than it all.

To create from a dusty idea and to make it golden.

To be content, to be relaxed and quiet. To see that life is full of ebbs and flows, of rhythms, of light and darkness. And that in the midst of all this, we will endure.

To marvel at the sparkling water and the twinkling stars, the full moon and the dappled sunlight.

To be a poet and a purchaser at the same time, and not to judge either. 

To be faithful and unfaithful at the same time, and to love all your yearnings.

To serve the moment…

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