A New Adventure: The Weight Loss & Health Institute

I’m working with a company called The Weight Loss & Health Institute. WHI creates and designs lifestyle apps to make people healthier and happier. I am so excited about this collaboration, because I see WHI as a pioneer in e-learning, and a vehicle for me to teach conscious living in a way that fits in with people’s lives. 

The first app that WHI has released is called Trim for Life. Trim for Life is a weight loss & lifestyle program that you can implement for life. It’s based on a real food diet, no strenuous exercise (just walking everyday) and 24/7 motivation and support. I have been using the program for a few months now and I find that I am more energised and have changed the way I view exercise.

The app tracks your progress and responds to how you are going. Each program is different, tailored to each user. There are 13 experts, from a cardiologist to a dietitian to a personal trainer, all sharing tips about how to love and honour your body. Go to www.trimfor.life to start your lifestyle transformation today! Enter the code AW2015 at the checkout to receive a discount. 

Here are two news stories that explain what Trim for Life is about: 



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