5 Steps Towards Conscious Living

The philosophy of conscious living is to focus your attention on your inner life, and then your outer life will take care of itself. Here are the 5 steps towards conscious living.

Step One: Know what you want

We are at our most powerful when we know exactly what we want. This sounds simple, but can you picture how you want your life to look in a week, a month or a year? It is actually quite confronting to express what you want. Think of 3 outcomes you would currently wish for: in your relationships, your work and your personal growth.

Step Two: Visualise

Before we can line up with anything we want (whether it is more money, a new job, or a relationship) we need to first visualise it happening. Spend as much time on the imagining as you do working towards it. The visualisation is important because we need to believe that what we want can be a reality for us. The only way to arrive at that belief is to visualise it over and over again.

Step Three: Act as Though it is Already Happening

Often we believe that our lives would be totally different if only we could achieve our goals. We are convinced that we would be happy if only we had more money, or if only we had a different relationship, or if only we were more beautiful… 

In fact, your life could be radically different right now if you just begin to act as though those things are already happening. You don’t necessarily want the change- you want the feeling you believe will come with the change. Exude the confidence, walk with a spring in your step and love yourself, starting now!

Step Four: Focus on the Happiness and Highest Potential of Others

We are all taught that to be successful, we must be at the top of our game. Unfortunately, this often means that we learn to focus on ourselves and our achievements rather than focusing on serving others. It is more important to be kind and generous to others on the journey than it is to reach the destination first. Instead of worrying about yourself, try to see the world through the eyes of others. Soon, you will start to feel good because you have stopped obsessing about feeling good.

Step Five: Honour the Moment

The only thing that will matter for the rest of your life is the present moment. Don’t spend your precious minutes and hours worrying about the future. Give each person and each experience your fullest attention and awareness. You are perfect as you are, where you are.

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